Garage for Sale in Tortona


Reference 9822
Price 5.063 €
Typology Garage
Contract vendita
City Tortona
Sq.m. 59
Energy efficiency
Energy efficiency N.D.

additional informations

For sale three car garage located in Tortona (AL), via Giuseppe Toniolo 17. The context is semi central and with little traffic. The area is urbanized, characterized by buildings, villas and commercial structures, well connected to the city center. The units are part of an apartment building built in 2008 with a reinforced concrete bearing structure, brick walls and sheet metal roofing. The complex is spread over four levels above ground as well as an underground garage served by a ramp closed by an electric opening gate. The building is accessible and served by a stairwell with lift. In front of the building there is a further uncovered parking.The car garages are located in the basement. Each garage is equipped with a manual opening overhead door in sheet metal, a concrete screed floor, rustic walls and ceiling, light point and pipes on the ceiling. No windows or wolf mouths. The three car garages are served as a maneuvering corset, but are not close to each other. The garage is equipped with a fire prevention system and is connected to the stairwell of the building above. The properties are free and in a fair state of maintenance and conservation.Commercial area: 59.50 m2BASEMENTCar garage (sub 24): 31 m2Car garage (sub 32): 47 m2Car garage sub: 41 m2Garages not close togetherCar garage (CF): Sheet 48 - Particle 1140 - Subordinates 24, 32 and 35 - C / 6